Our solar panels not only generate energy on your roof, they can also generate cash in your pocket. That’s because when you go solar you can save on your monthly utility bill and secure lower fixed energy rates for years to come. The savings over time add up and allow you to plan for your future. See how quality, savings, and affordability make going solar the right choice. 



The Powerwall ensures that your solar system will work around the clock to power everything essential in your home—even when the grid goes down. 

So you’ll have the backup power you need to keep you super-charged through any outage, day or night.
​Wind energy and Renewable Energy are available with HDE 


Commercial or Residential Energy Solutions

High Desert Energy is an all-in-one solar energy provider. Our in-house team takes care of every part of your project, including financing, custom system engineering, installation and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring. 


How much does solar cost?

Today, solar costs less than traditional electricity in many markets. We can install your system with no upfront cost, and you can pay less for clean, abundant solar energy than you do to your utility company.

How does solar power work?

The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day. A discreetly placed inverter converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is what your business utilizes. When your solar power system produces more power than you need, it feeds the power back into the electricity grid. 

Does H.D.E. service my area?

 Let’s find out! Get in touch with an Energy Advisor today to evaluate your solar options and learn the advantages of solar. 

Will my system still be connected to the utility grid?

Yes, all our systems are connected to the utility grid. During the day, your property will draw energy from the solar system and feed any excess energy back to the grid. 

Is there an income from Solar?

In some areas, the power you don't use can be fed into the electric grid for the utility company that serves your area.  Answering this question requires us to know your address and the company that serves you. 

Are there Tax Rebates?

Yes. And it depends greatly on the area where you live.  This is truly where you need a professional that is familiar with all of the laws, regulations, HOA requirements and federals, state, and local tax regulations. 

About HDE

 High Desert Energy Provides Solar, Wind and Alternative Fuel solutions for
Home, Business and Industry. 
We Use licensed and certified technicians for each of our intalls.  
Preferring to use local contractors for all of our installations so that our customers,
each of them, has the service availability they need at all times of the day or night. 
Want to know how serious we are about customer service?
Your impression will start with a quote.  
​Referrals and Repeat Business are our primary source of new business.. Something we can't have if we aren't the very best at what we do! 

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